Xenadrine Results Review

Xenadrine ResultsXenadrine Results is a new-age diet pill based on an old favorite–caffeine.

Along with caffeine, Xenadrine Results uses a few other stimulants because they are supposed to increase energy levels and burn fat. Not all stimulants are effective fat burners or safe to use. To see what the best stimulants are, take a look at the formula of Fenphedrine.

What Ingredients Does Xenadrine Results Use?

As you know, Xenadrine Results uses caffeine. But it’s not the typical kind of caffeine you find in soda pop. Caffeine anhydrous is a form of caffeine that has been clinically tested and proven to suppress appetite, stimulate fat burn, and increase energy levels. This ingredient is what Xenadrine Results uses.

Other stimulants that this diet pill uses are Yerba mate and Guarana seed. These ingredients seem to work well as fat burners so you will frequently see them in stimulant-based diet pills.

L-Arginine is an amino acid that enhances nutrient delivery and promotes better blood flow. Other than that, we’re rarely if ever seen the rest of the ingredients that Xenadrine Results uses. Damiana leaf is a potential aphrodisiac. Campesterol and Beta Sitosterol may reduce cholesterol. PABA is effective as a sunscreen agent, but there isn’t concrete evidence to support its other benefits; which don’t really have anything to do with weight loss anyways.

Is Xenadrine Safe and Effective?

Every ingredient that Xenadrine Results uses must come in a specific dose, otherwise it won’t be effective. Since makers of Xenadrine Results have combined all the active ingredients in a proprietary blend, we can’t see how much of each ingredient was used.

Because the ingredients don’t tell us the whole story about effectiveness, we looked for what customers had to say. The only problem is that online customer reviews of this diet pill are few and far between. As such, we don’t think they accurately portray what most customers think of Xenadrine Results. It is worth mentioning though that most of the reviews were not very positive.

There isn’t enough research on some of the ingredients in Xenadrine Results for us to know if they are safe or not. They could be, but we can’t guarantee it. Stimulants, especially caffeine, can cause side effects for people who are highly sensitive to them. A lot of it depends on if a strong dose is used and we don’t know how much Xenadrine Results has.

Cost & Usage

The lowest price online for Xenadrine Results is $16. Each bottle holds 60 capsules. You are supposed to take 6 capsules a day, 2 at a time, fifteen minutes before each meal. By using 6 capsules a day, each bottle will only last 10 days. The manufacturer recommends that you use the diet pill for 45 days if you want to lose the most weight.

Our Opinion

Xenadrine Results is supposed to stimulate fat burn, suppress appetite, and lower cholesterol levels. Based on our analysis of the diet pill, we’re not so sure that it will be highly effective. Not all the ingredients have been clinically proven, so we’re not completely sure that they are safe or effective.

Also, Xenadrine Results only has a few of the best stimulants, and we cannot guarantee that it uses enough of them. On the other hand, Fenphedrine has several of the best stimulants in powerful doses. It also has a following of hundreds of satisfied customers who have used Fenphedrine and successfully lost weight.

We recommend that you try Fenphedrine if you want to really pump up your body’s rate of fat burn.

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