Skinny Tone

Does Skinny Tone Work?

Cellulite. Is there anything more frightening? I swear it sneaks up on us. I looked at my bum in the bathroom mirror this morning and almost died of shock.

Cottage cheese should only be for eating.

Surely there’s something we can do about our cellulite? I mean, if we have pimples, we buy a skincare product with salicylic acid and clear it up.

Well, there are tricks of the trade (supermodels use warm coffee grounds—which really is a reliable quick fix.) And exercising can only help. But cellulite is often genetic, and killing your mother really isn’t a solution.

Skinny Tone is a topical cream that claims to be able to firm, tone, tighten and improve the appearance of cellulite cream. That way you won’t be exclaiming “HAIL NO!” (Pardon the pun.)

Its key ingredient is Liporeductyl thought to reduce the size of adipose cells. That’s the inflated fat cells under your skin that have somehow managed to ruin your life.

But is Liporeductyl really clinically proven? Unfortunately Mission Products, the manufacturers of Skinny Tone do not provide evidence of any research conducted on this ingredient.

Me? I’m real leery of any cream that claims to be a miracle to the skin. The best you can do for your suffering epidermis is cleanse tone and moisturize it, stay out of the sun, and hate your genetically blessed neighbor.

Let’s look at Skinny Tone’s ingredients and see if there really is anything to it…

What are Skinny Tone’s Ingredients and what do they do?

Skinny Tone contains the following ingredients:

Liporeductyl scientifically proven to reduce the size of adipose cells. Unfortunately Mission Products does not supply clinical evidence on their site.
Caffeinein my opinion this is the most effective ingredient in the bunch. Caffeine reduces swelling around fat cells, smoothing out problem skin. Unfortunately results are temporary.
Butcher’s Broom Extract an herb that works as an anti-inflammatory.
TEA-Hydroiodide thought to break down fat.
L-Carnitinetakes fat and releases them to be burned as energy rather than stored.
Goji Berry, Acai Berry, and Pomegranate- antioxidants that heal cellular damage which prevents aging.
Vitamins A, B6 and Cvitamins with antioxidant properties that heal damaged skin cells and detoxify the body.

Unfortunately I cannot see the L-Carnitine, vitamins and antioxidants really doing much in a topical solution.

Caffeine is pretty effective, but this new ingredient Liporeductyl is as yet unproven. And Skinny Tone is so new on the market that consumer testimonials are yet to surface.

Bottom line—I really cannot see Skinny Tone vanquishing such a foe as cellulite.

Is Skinny Tone Safe?

Yes. You should not see any negative results from using Skinny Tone. Saying that, if you have super sensitive skin, you should probably do a “spot test” on a small area before slathering it all over!

Skinny Tone is paraben free which is a good thing. The last thing you need is a skin cream that may give you cancer!

Skinny Tone Conclusion

On the official website Skinny Tone is $14.99—which is just too much money. Especially considering there is no money-back guarantee.

Other retail online sites sell Skinny Tone for only $6.99—which is much more like it.

But if I were you, Id diet, exercise and use a top-rated diet pill to help you reduce your overall body fat.

Good luck!

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January 27, 2013

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