Side Effects of an Unclean Colon

The colon is one of the most vital parts of the digestive system, and it is essential to good health. A dirty colon can significantly damage the body, making you feel weak and unable to function and disrupting your life.

You’ve seen the infomercials that brag about cleanses that flush out the colon and those that are even brazen enough to suggest that doing this can prevent serious cases of colon disorders. However, you should always get the real story behind a colon cleanser and what the side effects are of a dirty colon before making any purchase.

Symptoms of a Dirty Colon

How do you know whether or not your colon is causing you problems? A dirty colon can have many different symptoms, and sometimes people consider these symptoms, at least at first, to be just another sign of natural aging. It’s important to diagnose colon disorders early, which is why people are encouraged to go in for yearly screenings after a certain age, because not catching them early can cost you your life.

It can potentially cause changes from your regular bowel habits, making your bowel movements either more difficult or more frequent depending on your body. It can cause constipation and diarrhea in other words, though it may vary in some. A dirty colon can also cause red or dark red blood in your stool, even making stool tarry, and it can produce stools that are thinner than normal. Eventually, colon disorders can cause abdominal discomfort, bloating, frequent gas pains, or cramps and in too many causes worse if not treated.

Symptoms of a Dirty Colon

Part of this is speculation. However, the symptoms of a dirty colon can be mistaken for a natural part of aging, and some can be just as serious or similar to those of colon cancer. For example, a dirty colon can typically cause constipation according to some claims while also causing a belly bulge, increased weight, low energy levels, and some would say that it can even cause serious disruptions to the digestive system leading to disorders like IBS and Crohn’s disease. Some have extended this to include acne problems, skin problems, gas, bad breath, bloating, insomnia, and quite a few other things that you might not think of.

What Can a Colon Cleanser Do?

There are certain ingredients that seem to be more effective in particular ways according to consumer reviews such as dandelion root, uva ursi, and buchu leaves. If used correctly, there is more than one colon cleanser that seems to eliminate many of the a fore mentioned symptoms and health problems.

We’ve seen more than one consumer reporting significant improvements to both health and their everyday living, and it’s pretty clear that a colon cleanser can make a significant difference, at least temporarily.

Where to Find a Good Colon Cleanser

There is a wealth of colon cleansing information at that can help you find the most effective ingredients at the lowest prices.

One of the best colon cleansers available to help eliminate the side effects of a dirty colon is the 2-Stage Cleanser Colonetix. Colonetix is a 2 step process that first cleanse the body of toxins and waste and then replenishes your digestive system with key nutrients.

If youre seriously looking to cleanse your colon, Colonetix is a great choice you wont be disappointed in. You can get Colonetix today and start seeing results when you purchase it here

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