SatieTrim Saffron Extract Review

Satietrim Saffron ExtractYou’re fat—and miserable. And as you contemplate how fat you are, the more miserable you become. Where does that leave you? Reaching for food to comfort yourself.

We’ve all been there. There’s a death in the family, or the love of your life breaks up with you. And suddenly your brain is telling you to eat ice-cream and Twinkies, or Chinese takeout late at night.

If you want to break this nightmare cycle, and start feeling good about yourself, you may needSatieTrim Saffron Extract.

Created by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, SatieTrim Saffron Extract not only deals with appetite, but takes on mood and its effects on compulsive over-eating.

Yep, in a bottle.

Does SatieTrim Saffron Extract work? Let’s look under the lid.

What’s Inside SatieTrim Saffron Extract?

SatieTrim Saffron Extract works by offering a “patented blend” incorporating the power of nature’s herb Saffron.

Saffron has been used in natural medicine for eons to treat the mind/body connection with over-eating. How does Saffron work? The key element in Saffron is safranal, which seems to stimulate the brain’s appetite control center through release of Serotonin.

Serotonin has been called “The Love Drug” by scientists because of its ability to make you feel “good!” We’re not just talking good either—we mean “GOOD!”

When stimulated, this completely safe and natural hormone also has an effect on the mechanism in your brain that causes compulsive behaviors like over-eating.

So it offers dual benefits—happiness and—appetite control!

SatieTrim Saffron Extract Consumer Response

We could not find consumer testimonials for SatieTrim Saffron Extract. If you try it, please leave your comments below for people considering purchasing SatieTrim Saffron Extract.

SatieTrim Saffron Extract Proof

WE did not find studies conducted on actual SatieTrim, but did regarding competitor SatieReal.

SatieTrim Saffron Extract actually believes it offers “3 X’s the amount of Saffron and its active component than the competitors.” If that’s true, then we’re pretty excited, because SatieReal performed well for appetite control in a trial conducted in 2011.

SatieReal caused overweight and healthy women to “lose significantly more weight” than a placebo group. They ate fewer calories, despite being offered food at will, and used only 1 capsule (176.5 mg) of SatieReal.

Finding SatieTrim Saffron Extract

Not offered on the official Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals website, you can find SatieTrim Saffron Extract at GNC.

You’ll pay $39.95 for SatieTrim Saffron Extract which may seem steep—but GNC covers all products for sale under its roof for up to 30 days.

If SatieTrim Saffron Extract doesn’t work for you, you can return it and try another diet pill with appetite-controlling ingredients.

SatieTrim Saffron Extract Safety

We always look for side effects and safety issues in any diet pill or supplement we review. We could not find any reason for concern with SatieTrim Saffron Extract—but then again, we do not have full disclosure of all ingredients in the formulation.

If you have serious health concerns, always run any diet pill or “natural” supplement by your physician before consumption.

Good luck–and keep smiling!

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