Relacore Extra Review

Relacore ExtraIf you’re stressed on a daily basis—be it work stress, or “life” just tossing you too many lemons, you’re probably experiencing weight gain too.

Stress and anxiety release stress-hormone Cortisol which is well-known for its ability to add inches around you middle. And belly fat is the unhealthiest of any fat in your body because it’s a breeding ground for toxins, and can place a huge amount of stress on your heart.

Relacore Extra claims to be able to address belly fat, and help you lose weight and inches as well as:

• Relieving stress and “mild” anxiety
• Promoting all-day energy so you can prevent “slumps” throughout the day
• Helping address mood—“lifting” you, so you can take on life
• —All in a non-sedative and all-natural formula

But is Relacore Extra an “effective” and “safe” diet pill? Let’s address any concerns we have, and give you inside information on this latest product from the popular Relacore line.

The Relacore Extra Ingredients:

Relacore Extra offers a few vitamins and minerals essential to immunity and energy. These include vitamin C and vitamin B-12 which is often called the “energy vitamin.”

Found within a 266 mg Proprietary Blend you will find ingredients like Magnolia Bark which has been widely used in natural medicine for centuries for enhancing low energy, and for treating mild anxiety and stress—particularly in relation to over-eating.

Also used with the Relacore Extra formula is Passion flower which is well known in holistic medicine to alleviate anxiety; and is a natural sleep aid.

Scutellaria root is prescribed to lessen the production of Cortisol in the body, and Panax ginseng root improves energy and stamina.

Lastly, Poria fungus is known to ease tension and anxiety, and to lessen fatigue.

These ingredients are certainly natural, but are they safe?

Side Effects Associated with Relacore Extra

Surprisingly, some users experience side effects commonly associated with stimulants! These included dizziness, trouble sleeping and agitation.

You may want to run Relacore Extra by your physician before using—especially if you’re being treated for insomnia, or have any troubling health conditions.

Is There Any Clinical Proof to Support Relacore Extra’s Ingredients?

One study on Magnolia Bark showed that test subjects who supplemented daily experienced no weight gain over six weeks, as opposed to the placebo group who all put on significant weight.

Is Relacore Extra an Effective Diet Pill?

In our opinion, Relacore Extra is more of a stress-aid than a diet aid. It contains all-natural herbal ingredients thought to help reduce cortisol levels, but Magnolia Bark is the only ingredient backed by science.

And the low proprietary blend leaves us in doubt of Relacore Extra’s effectiveness.

For around $20.99, you may decide Relacore Extra is worth the price tag for mild stress relief, but aren’t you here for a potent and safe diet pill to help you shed pounds and inches?

You may want to consider another option.

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