Pro Clinical Hydroxycut Review

The first in one of Hydroxycut’s newest families of fat burners, Pro Clinical Hydroxycut is a simple diet pill based on an “up-and-coming” combination of natural ingredients.

According to the description, Pro Clinical Hydroxycut is “made to burn more fat and promote more weight loss than dieting alone, increasing energy and reducing BMI with clinically proven ingredients based on the latest innovations from Hydroxycut.”

Ingredients in Pro Clinical Hydroxycut

Pro Clinical Hydroxycut uses an unfamiliar blend of ingredients for the most part. The ingredients in Pro Clinical Hydroxycut have been used in diet pills before, but not in key fat burning blends.

Ingredients like Wild Olive contain antioxidant and vitamin properties, and Lady’s Mantle has been commonly used to fight the symptoms of menopause and PMS in women.

Only recently have scientists combined lady’s mantle, wild olive, komijn, and wild mint to create an innovative and natural weight loss blend. While none of these ingredients are effective fat burners alone, the combination of all 4 of these natural ingredients has been clinically proven to increase fat burning and weight loss.

One 8 week study recorded users of the key blend in Pro Clinical Hydroxycut losing an average of 16 pounds–while the placebo group lost an average of only 1.73 pounds.

The best part for many dieters is the fact that there are actual (and multiple) studies done on this ingredient combo that show similar numbers.

Is Pro Clinical Hydroxycut Safe?

Most of the ingredients in Pro Clinical Hydroxycut are considered to be relatively safe and we have not seen many reports of serious side effects. However, Pro Clinical Hydroxycut also contains caffeine, which is a proven fat burner that happens to cause jitters, racing heartbeat, insomnia, and other side effects for some users.

Most experts do not consider caffeine to be life threatening or overly dangerous. However, some dieters are more sensitive than others to caffeine’s potential side effects.

If you have a history of heart disease, high blood pressure, rapid heart beat or other chronic illness you should consult your physician before taking a diet supplement; even one with natural ingredients like Pro Clinical Hydroxycut.

Pro Clinical Hydroxycut – Conclusion

Pro Clinical Hydroxycut uses a new blend of ingredients that has been studied and effectively proven under the right circumstances. When used properly, Pro Clinical Hydroxycut has a blend of ingredients backed by scientific studies which prove Pro Clinical Hydroxycut’s weight loss potential.

However, we would still recommend being careful. Hydroxycut first became popular in the era of ephedrine, and since ephedra’s demise, this brand has continued to struggle. Hydroxycut seems determined to rely on weight loss trends instead of looking into the best ingredients, and formulas that would prove to be the most effective.

Pro Clinical Hydroxycut is definitely a different approach for Hydroxycut. Pro Clinical Hydroxycut still uses caffeine, but the key blend is not one that most dieters have ever heard of. Pro Clinical Hydroxycut is no ephedrine wannabe, but considering the company history, we would still look at Pro Clinical Hydroxycut with some healthy skepticism.

For our top-rated recommendation for safe and effective diet pills you can count on, stay here on!

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