Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite Review

Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite

Brand new to Muscletech, a popular body building supplement company, is Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite. The buzz is out on Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite—samples were sent to gym rats, and the results are coming in fast!

With Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite, makers claim that serious athletes can expect heightened energy, greater strength and endurance, improved mood and focus, and an increase in fat-burning potential. Combined, these effects will help you to gain greater muscle pumps and pack on lean muscle.

But is Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite both effective and safe, like other top bodybuilding products such as MyoRipped?

Let’s take a look at Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite’s ingredients to find out.

Under Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite’s Lid

Caffeine Anhydrous–270 mg is a large dosage for caffeine. Expect energy alright, but users sensitive to stimulants may have a problem with this first ingredient.

L-Theanine 100 mg –works with Caffeine so you get the energy boost and mental clarity, but the spikes, jags and jitters are alleviated, making you feel calmer and less crazy.

Add Yohimbe 56.3 mg though and you may be in trouble. Yohimbe gives much the same effect as adrenaline, and many body builders complain they don’t like the feeling as it makes them nauseous. Add Yohimbe to Caffeine and you’ve got a powerful combination—but is it too powerful?

Coleus Extract 250 mg is an excellent—and clinically proven—ingredient that creates a cascading effect with enzymes specific to fat cell energy release and burning. Coleus also nourishes and stimulates the thyroid so you’re losing weight fast.

Green Coffee Extract 200 mg may not be coffee, but gives you a large quantity of caffeine nonetheless–about half of what you’d find in a cup of black coffee. Green Coffee Extract is also high in antioxidants though, which offer a wealth of health benefits.

Cocoa Extract 100 mgs is also rich in antioxidant cell-healing power, as well as being known to improve mood for an “up” and motivated feeling.

The individual dosages are decent, and should definitely lift energy levels!

Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite Side Effects

Muscletech does advise you start out slow with Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite dosage, and gradually build up to “5 a day after the first week.”

Beta users have all cited Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite’s “through the roof” energy, and surprisingly none of them experienced jitters, dizziness, stomach issues and other side effects that come from high-stimulant supplements.

They enjoyed the workout of their lives, however!

Take it slow. One stimulant-sensitive user cut back to one pill per day, and still received the benefits without feeling any negatives.

Of course if you deal with high blood pressure or a heart condition, you should stay away from diet pills as potent as Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite.

Purchasing Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite

Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite retails for $59.99 for a bottle of 100 capsules. At two capsules a serving and varying recommended dosages, this bottle will last you about a month or longer.

However, it’s very easy to find Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite for a lower price. Most retailers offer the same bottle for just $39.99—a good deal for what you’re getting.

Do We Recommend Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite?

Only if you’re an athlete or regular gym-goer in good health. If you are starting out on your weight loss journey and are looking for top-rated diet pill that’s safe for the body, you may want to look elsewhere for a pill more oriented toward weight loss.

And if you’re serious about getting cut but are sensitive to caffeine, you might want to check out MyoRipped. This product delivers the same energy boost with a lower dosage of this stimulant.

For the rest of you, however, we say go for it.

Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite, 3.3 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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