Calorie Burner 643 Review

Calorie Burner 643 doesn’t complicate things. In fact, we are confident that even a 5-year-old could understand exactly how Calorie Burner 643 does or doesn’t promote weight loss. To us, this means that it’s possible that Calorie Burner 643 has nothing to hide. It’s possible that Calorie Burner 643 has such a strong formula, even with just 3 ingredients, that it doesn’t need all of the fancy advertising or misleading proprietary blends.

Does Calorie Burner 643 Use Clinically-Proven Doses?

Calorie Burner 643 does not technically use proprietary blends, but it also fails to tell you exactly how much caffeine, Chromax, or Capsimax it uses. It leaves it very open-ended, meaning that Calorie Burner 643 might not use enough. It has only 3 ingredients, which means that it is also likely that the correct amounts are used.

However, we cannot be entirely sure. What we do know is that all 3 of the ingredients in Calorie Burner 643 have been clinically proven at one time or another to help users to lose more weight.

Caffeine is best known for its ability to burn fat and increase metabolism while Capsimax is a patented ingredient that has been used to increase metabolism. Chromax is a trace metal that is used to control blood sugar levels to keep cravings under control.

Does Calorie Burner 643 Work?

Will it help you to lose more weight? We can’t say for sure. The same diet pill can promote different benefits for different people. However, based on what we have seen of Calorie Burner 643 so far, we do think that this kind of formula is more likely than the “8 proprietary blends” formulas we’ve seen before to help you to burn fat, increase metabolism, and therefore lose more weight.

Calorie Burner 643 Side Effects

As is the case with any diet pill that contains Caffeine, Calorie Burner 643 will likely cause a number of uncomfortable side-effect. Some of these are headache, stomachache, nausea, shakiness, anxiety, and nervousness. After the stimulating effects of the Caffeine wear off, you will likely crash and feel extremely tired and fatigued.

Chromax is another great ingredient that has a dark side. Since it controls blood sugar levels, it also affects insulin levels. This means that if you are a diabetic, you should be extremely cautious about using any diet supplement that contains Chromax, as it may cause serious complications that may land you in the hospital.

Is Calorie Burner 643 Worth the Risks?

Even though there are a few side-effects that will likely result from taking Calorie Burner 643, we think that they are mild enough to not worry too much about (unless you are diabetic, that is).

Even though there is no information about the amounts of each ingredient in Calorie Burner 643, there are so few ingredients that we think it is likely that you will experience some weight loss results from taking it.

We can’t recommend Calorie Burner 643 to users wholeheartedly, but we think it has the potential to be a great diet product.

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