BioDrain Internal Cleansing Tablets Review

BioDrain Internal Cleansing Tablets are a detox diet pill that claim to come from the distant and mystical lands of Scandinavia. Scandinavians detox twice a year so they really know what they are talking about. If you take the magical Scandinavian formula, you will be free of toxins in 2 weeks. Oh but, you also need to eat healthy and drink lots of water.

This all sounds like a big load of you know what. Scientist and doctors do not back up the myth of detox and maintain that there is nothing you can do but eat healthy and drink water to help your body out. Let’s see what the ingredients have to say about this detox diet pill.

Ingredient Composition

The formula is composed of all natural ingredients, none of which have been proven to improve your natural detoxifying systems. BioDrain Internal Cleansing Tablets claim that these ingredients are known to help promote the breakdown and the excretion of waste.

The diet pill will supposedly promote the growth of healthy intestinal bacteria and get rid of your water weight. While all of these benefits sound nice, there is no proof that these ingredients will perform these functions. There is also no proof that these functions would help get rid of built up toxins in your system.

• Chicory Root
• Citrus Fruit Pulp
• Nettle
• Dandelion
• Citrus Fibers
• Asparagus
• Celery Seed
• Globe Artichoke
• Thyme
• Celery Seed
• Psyllium

BioDrain Internal Cleansing Tablets Side Effects

The warning information for BioDrain Internal Cleansing Tablets warns of possible headaches, increased bowel movements, and even skin spots. The detox diet pill market operates on the notion that these sorts of side effects are a good thing. The side effects mean that the harmful toxins are leaving your body and you must endure a sort of purging phase.

Honestly, they do not really know why these side effects come about. They also do not know what kind of long term harm detox diet pills could be doing to your body. It seems silly to put your body at potential risk when the benefits of detox diet pills has not been proven.

Money Back Guarantee

BioDrain Internal Cleansing Tablets does not have a money back guarantee. This is not surprising as many detox diet pills do not offer any sort of return policy.


BioDrain Internal Cleansing Tablets may help you commit to a new diet plan or to being healthier. That is really all this detox diet pill is good for. If you need to spend money in order to be held accountable to the goals that you set for yourself, maybe BioDrain Internal Cleansing Tablets are for you.

We suggest skipping BioDrain Internal Cleansing Tablets for the sane people of the world that do not like wasting money. If you want to do some good for your body stop putting crap into it. Your gut, liver and kidneys will take care of the rest.

Eat a balanced and healthy diet, drink water and get some sleep. Sad to say, but there really are no short cuts.

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