African Mango Edge

african mango edge

This weight loss supplement has been designed and distributed by Rightway Nutrition to help you burn fat.

Although there are many weight loss supplements that promise to be able to burn fat, there aren’t quite as many that promise to do it though the powers of African Mango.

Since African Mango has proven itself to be a powerful and safe way to increase weight loss, we decided to take a closer look at African Mango Edge to see if it could really help you lose weight.

What Does African Mango Edge Do ?

According to its website, African Mango Edge can help you increase energy, speed up metabolism, lower cholesterol, suppress appetite and even decrease your risk of getting diabetes.

However, after looking at African Mango Edge’s ingredient list, we’re not quite so sure that this product can do all those things.

Anything To Be Worried About?

Even though its main ingredient is African Mango, they say that they use African Mango extract.

Extracts are usually made from the meaty flesh of the fruit. This is why extracts generally have the most flavor and are used for cooking or baking.

But a study done in Cameroon, Africa revealed that the most powerful part of the African Mango is the woody seed found in the center of the fruit.

This seed is commonly used as a thickener in soups, flour for breads, and even to facilitate the construction of houses.

African Mango Edge might try to cover up the fact that they don’t use the most powerful part of the fruit by including various weight loss ingredients in its product.

Even though African Mango has been found to suppress appetite and increase metabolism, African Mango Edge includes ingredients like green tea, caffeine, cayenne pepper and ginger root.

These ingredients have all been shown to suppress appetite and increase metabolism, though to a lesser extent than African Mango.

Would You Recommend African Mango Edge?

Since we’re not sure that African Mango Edge really uses the most powerful part of the African fruit, we wouldn’t recommend using this product.

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January 27, 2013

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