7-DFBX Review

What separates 7-DFBX from the average diet pill? Is it different or even exceptional? There are quite a few products that claim to help you to lose 7, 14, even 21 pounds in your first week. The big difference is that 7-DFBX doesn’t use a pregnancy hormone or diuretic water weight formula to do it. It promotes long-term health benefits by giving you a full blend of cleansing benefits. Let’s take a closer look:

How Does 7-DFBX Work?

7-DFBX uses a blend of all-natural ingredients that can actually cleanse. It uses ingredients like dandelion root, uva ursi, and buchu leaves,all of which have been proven and used to get rid of toxins and cleanse the body.

Combines these with fibers, superfruits, and other ingredients that work to improve health, 7-DFBX helps you to have more regular bowel movements while also killing off harmful free radicals with natural antioxidants. By doing this, 7-DFBX claims that it will also help you to avoid harmful side-effects and nasty complications.

Every ingredient in 7-DFBX plays an important part and every ingredient works with the others to help you to get a better cleansing experience.

7-DFBX Side Effects

Using 7-DFBX could lead to foul-smelling and unusual-looking bowel movements. For some, it could result in other side-effects like headaches, jitteriness, nervousness, irritability, insomnia, indigestion, nausea, dizziness, anxiety, facial flushing, insomnia, headache, drowsiness, dry mouth, an elevated heartbeat, low sodium, increased blood sugar, increased cholesterol, rash, joint disorders, gout, impotence in men, menstrual irregularities, and breast enlargement in men, vomiting, stomach cramping, bloody stool, severe cramping, intestinal pain, weakness, dizziness, unusual tiredness, and rectal bleeding.

Even though these side-effects don’t appear to be common, they are still possible for any 7-DFBX user. This is because any colon-cleansing product interferes with the natural function of the intestines, which are actually very efficient. Upsetting the way that the intestines work can cause problems for your entire body.

While colon cleansing products may result in between 5-25lbs, this weight loss will only be temporary.

7-DFBX Highlights

• Clinically-proven cleansing ingredients
• Natural fibers
• Healthy antioxidants
• Fat burner that actually works
• Cheap price at just $19.95 a month

Is 7-DFBX Worth the Risks?

Even though there are many uncomfortable risks associated with 7-DFBX, it is unlikely that most will experience these side-effects. Because of this, we feel comfortable recommending that users try 7-DFBX as a colon cleanser for temporary weight loss.

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