2-Week Bootcamp Extreme Diet by Applied Nutrition Review

Are you ready for bootcamp? If you are, the 2-Week Bootcamp Extreme Diet might be perfect for you. After two weeks, Applied Nutrition promises that you will see amazing weight loss results. If you think this product sounds right for you, we are going to go through and thoroughly examine each ingredient to make sure that it is safe and effective.

2-Week Bootcamp Extreme Diet Background

2-Week Bootcamp Extreme Diet is a four-product diet pill program that was created by Applied Nutrition to produce impressive weight loss in only two weeks.

The four products: The Fat Burner, Carb-Blocker, Colon Flush, and Bloat-Less are meant to be taken daily to help contribute to weight loss in different ways.

Not only are these four products meant to be taken every day for four weeks, but it is also meant to be accompanied with a low-calorie diet and exercise plan that are outlined on the Applied Nutrition website.

Ingredient Information

Of the four different products, the Fat Burner looks like it will be the best. This is because it has Green Tea Extract as well as Caffeine. Even though it is made of a proprietary blend, amounts of each ingredient are included, making a little math necessary to determine how much of each ingredient is in the Fat Burner.

Since 400mg of Green Tea are necessary to cause weight loss, the 1000mg in the Fat Burner will definitely be enough to boost your metabolism.

After the Fat Burner, however, the products go downhill a little. The Bloat-Less formula seems like it has all of the ingredients to reduce bloating and inflammation such as Uva-ursi, Buchu, Hibiscus, and Parsley. However, these ingredients are part of a proprietary blend. Unlike the Fat Burner, there is no way to determine how much of each is in the blend.

The Carb-Blocker is the next most effective product, as it has Chromium, an amazing ingredient that regulates blood sugar levels so you can avoid cravings. However, there are only 100mcg of Chromium in the Carb-Blocker formula, meaning that there is not enough to make a big difference.

Also, it relies on Kidney Bean Extract to block the absorption of carbs, but beans have not ever been shown to be able to do this.

Finally, we see the Colon Flush as the least effective product in the 2-Week Bootcamp Extreme Diet. This is because it is made of a proprietary blend and also because colon cleaners can have some very serious side-effects. It is not smart to do a colon cleanse without discussing the risks with your doctor.

Are there any Side Effects?

Because the Fat Burner has Caffeine, those with Caffeine sensitivities might want to avoid the 2-Week Bootcamp Extreme Diet. It may result in agitation and anxiety, shakiness, jitteriness, stomachache, or headache.

Also, as we mentioned, colon cleansers have a higher risk of side-effects than a lot of other weight loss methods. If you use a colon cleanser, you may experience headache, dehydration, irritability, loose bowels, stomachache, and diarrhea.

Would we Recommend it?

Because there are so few products that seem like they will be effective to help you lose weight, we do not recommend the 2-Week Bootcamp Extreme Diet by Applied Nutrition. Even though it includes an exercise and diet plan, we think that the Cons outweigh the Pros with the 2-Week Bootcamp Extreme Diet.

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